Into the wild by Jon Krakauer

Hacia rutas salvajes - Jon Krakauer

This one was a little hard to me. I had to leave it for a while after I started. I was a bit frustrated about McCandless and his actions.


He often seemed too arrogant, like he was better than everyone else, and because of that superiority he didn't need people's help. No matter how much people cared for him. And I think that was part of what made him end up the way he did. He was so focused on his mission to get to Alaska and live of nature that he completely dismissed people trying to help him.


The research work that the author made it's pretty impressive, I like when you can see how much effort and hard work an investigation has. He really did a good job, finding people that new McCandless, finding information, doing the interviews and then putting everything on paper to form the story. The little maps that the books has to make see the routes taken in McCandless trip are also pretty helpful if you, like me, are not from the US.


Besides all the frustration that Chris McCandless gave while reading, it's a good non-fiction work, well written and very interesting.