The trial by Franz Kafka

PROCESO, EL (Spanish Edition) - KAFKA FRANZ

I rate it very subjectively because I can't be impartial.
I can understand how many people think the book is excellent. The way he describes the bureaucracy and the comings and goings K goes through, which are the same he makes people go through when they go to the bank, are so identifiable that anyone could say that the book is set in the present.

However, I found it so tedious and dense that finish it cost me horrors. There were days when I could only read 5 or 10 pages and had to stop because I could not continue reading without losing the thread of the plot and thinking about anything but the book in question.
Now I understand how many people compare with Garcia Máquez with Kafka and how I, not liking most of the works of García Márquez, did not like Kafka's work.