Delicious Sinn by Adrianna Dane

Delicious Sinn - Adrianna Dane

I must admit I'm very surprised of how much I loved this one. I'm not much of a fan of bdsm, not at all, but this book surely did catch my attention.


This story, unlike many of this genre, does actually has a plot and follows it. It's well written and you get to know and care for the characters. They have backgrounds stories and we get to know them in order to understand them more. I liked that.


The protagonists are tied for something more than sexual attraction, the share a common past, even if one of them doesn't know it.


I also have to say that at the beginning I didn't know if the book was about supernatural being, because it kept using words like Hunter, Wolf, Beast, Demon, etc, but after a while I realised it wasn't so that was confusing.


The book is good and very interesting.