Two boys kissing by David Levithan

Two Boys Kissing - David Levithan

Let me tell that this book took me by surprise. I started it thinking it was going to be another YA book but with gay protagonists instead of the typical "boy makes girl fall in love with him".


However that was not what I found. I was completely amazed by the characters trying to leave in one way or another their mark in the world, to make next generations feel that they're not alone, that they're not the only ones.


I wasn't expecting to get so emotional with the characters' stories, especially with Cooper's story.


And about the ghosts narrators, I read lots of comments of people saying that they didn't like that, but for me, that was what made the book more special.


They were the voices from experience, the voices of the ones that also tried but lost the battles, they were the voices of the ones that saw and lived the changes in time as spectators unable to participate but able to see the growing of a better future. Their words, their advices made me all teary eyed.


The book is precious and I completely recommend it.