Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I started this book very doubtful, because I had never read anything about Rainbow Rowell but apparently everyone loves her books, and when that happens I don't feel very trusty with reviews acclaiming the works as the best things in the world.


While I ended up liking the book (and I mean liking it, not loving it), there were several times I almost quit reading because the frustration was too much.


Cath is a 18 year old about to start college, but one detail about her is that she is a fan of a series of books and part of her world, focuses on writing fanfiction about the protagonist of the saga and his archnemesis.


What I did not like the book (to the point that almost completely abandoned it) is the attitude of constant victim of Cath. And, okay, she it often is one, but it is not justifiable to the point to let everyone step on her over and over again.


Her twin sister (yes, she has a twin sister), a study partner, her father and her mother are complicated points in her life, but she does little to nothing to change the situation for most of history.


Fortunately (or for cliché) we have the boy with attractive and engaging personality that is attracted to Cath and then things start to change.


Levi is a character that is interesting, I will not deny it, I myself fell into his trap as probably the rest of the readers, and the relationship with Cath is very cute, to call it somehow. I enjoyed the affection and respect both had for each other. And I really liked how, instead of mocking Cath's obsession for Simon Snow and her fanfiction writing, Levi liked more for that.


To the end of the story it began to improve, Cath began to defend herself, began to spoke for herself, she stopped being a victim and proceeded to decide her story and make her own decisions. I enjoyed that part of the book the most.
It is a very light and quick read with characters that sometimes are a little frustrating but often are easy to identify with.