Escribir en la oscuridad

Escribir en la oscuridad - David Grossman

Set of short essays, worth of reading. This series of essays are interesting because we see fragments of the life in Palestine through the eyes not of a writer, but a survivor. Survivor of not only the current war but also of the Holocaust, that, without having it affected him in person, affected him throughout his life.


In fragments it tells about growing up in a country which atmosphere is plagued of the suffering that the Holocaust left. Tells how the children grew afraid of an enemy unknown to them but they fear it nonetheless because of the fear they saw in their relatives' eyes.


It also tells how it is to live in a war zone and how it affects everyone's life, how the citizens themselves long for peace in a war that makes fathers bury their sons rather than the other way round.


It is an interesting read that puts into perspective points that often we do not understand due to religion or not belonging to that geographical region, that makes what we see on the news seems unreal when in fact it is very, very real.