Boy Trouble by Mark A. Roeder

Boy Trouble - Mark A. Roeder

I'm realizing I'm liking this author very much. His books are entertaining and good for an afternoon reading.


I liked the story of Caspian and Taylor, and the way the characters were portrayed, especially Caspian, who initially is shown problematic and full of hatred towards the world and himself, and as the story progresses we understand why his actions are like that.


I found important to note how the author shows something that is extremely realistic and an everyday thing in so many households: the fact of how children from an early age can acquire the same hate that parents feel and profess for something. Just for hearing every day coments, in the breakfast table, at night at dinner, even without understanding what it is, children hear and start hating on things and being prejudiced without knowing why just because their parents do. This is the case of Caspian and homophobia. I found that super important and something to consider always.