Mc Farland's Farm by Cardeno C.

McFarland's Farm - Cardeno C.

This is the first books of the author I've read. I did it because I saw that someone else read it and liked it so I decided to give it a chance, I must say I'm glad I did it.


The book is short but so good and cuuute that my only complain is that I needed more of it. I loved the characters and I felt a little identified with Jared McFarland's personality.


The characters having to live together despite not wanting to, the misunderstandings and deep secrets between Jared and Lucas, I love all of it.


They're so stubborn and so fixated to find the other one like their complete opposite that they don't see they have more in common than they think. The thing is, would the stop being so hard-headed and talk?


The book is catching and just developed leaving me wanting to know more about those two.