Second Chances by T.A. Webb

Second Chances - T.A. Webb

This book tore me into pieces and brought me back together over and over again. It was a perfect story about love, friendship, hurt, forgiveness and moving on.

I loved it, it was a surprising read, the characters were well written and portrayed and, above all, so human.


It had so many surprising moments that I didn't expect at all, some of them broke my heart but were so perfect either way.


Mark and Brian love story had its ups and downs and it ended so soon, but it was a beautiful one. The kind that you wont forget as long as you live. But Mark and Antonio love story is proof that life goes on and love is so unexpected but always finds you and it's worth of giving it a chance.


It was a really good story and I was so happy when I found out that it will have a continuation telling Jason and Robbie's (both characters in this book) story.