Vivir para contarla (Living to tell the tale) Volume I and II by Gabriel García Máquez

Vivir Para Contarla - Gabriel García Márquez

I finished Volume I last year in just one or two days and I loved it, knowing about García Márquez childhood was very interesting. But it took me so long to finish the seconfd part that I almost left it unfinished. It was so tedious and boring for, at least, the first half.


Luckily I kept reading because it got interesting again, just like volume I was.


It was pretty cool to know from the author himself how many things in his life inspired his works, how he became the author that everyone knew.


Is common knowledge that being a writer is not easy, but man! what he had to go through just makes me being amazed at the passion and love that he had for writing.


Part II may not have been as good as Part I but it was worthy at the end.