Strong Enough by Cardeno C.

Strong Enough - Cardeno C.

After reading McFarland's farm I got very intrigued about the author, so I decided to read more of his books.


I started Strong Enough without knowing it was part of a series, but luckily was a stand alone book, so there wasn't much trouble there, I liked it, I think I added a new author to my favorite list.


Even if the love and relationship itself went from admiring each other from distance to living together, in just one day.


I really loved the relation between Emilio and Spencer, they were just too sweet. I love the fact that, with the age difference, it was Emilio, the younger one, the one that took the reins and made a move and that Spencer, more than ten years older, was too shy about everything. The love between them was so true and honest that I didn't even noted the age difference. I liked this book very much.