Trouble & the Wallflower by Kade Boehme

Trouble & the Wallflower - Kade Boehme

What is it with the new authors I'm reading making me cry like a baby and killing lovely characters, like Ray?!?!


This one was pretty good, the story is pretty original and very well written.


The characters are soooo lovable, except for two that I really hated, but otherwise. Gavin and Davy are so cute, same as Ray and little Oliver. You can't not love Oliver.


It was good to see the characters develop, and grow, because both did. but i's like at the same they stayed the same and they saw in the other what they were looking for.


Davy and Gavin didn't start with the right foot, but they got there, with work and patience and, of course, with friendship and love.