The Only Guy: The Guy, Book 2 by Skylar M. Cates

The Only Guy: The Guy, Book 2 - Skylar M. Cates, Matt Baca

Again, I started the book without knowing it was a series, and, once again, I was lucky that the book worked as a stand alone that only had some characters in common with the other two books.


From the beginning I felt somewhat attracted to one of the characters that later would become a protagonist. He was a weird funny-looking kid but I actually liked him and wanted him as a love interest.


The story started as the possible "best friend to lovers" that I love so much but it soon became " the one with the best friend's brother" that I also love so much.


What I liked about it, was Aaron seeing Jessie for who he really was and not like the kid he used to know when they were little, it was good to see their friendship and love grow, and Jessie's patience towards Aaron at the end... I love it.


I would have liked to know more about Gregory, Aaron's best friend and Jessie's brother. He was pretty awful as a friend and as a brother, I would have loved to see how he regret everything he'd done. Also I would have love to see Jessie's parents to suffer more and regret being such bad parents and beg for Jessie's forgiveness... I just loved Jessie, okay?