La Chaco by Juan Solá

La Chaco - Juan Solá

Beautiful, beautiful book that shows the crude and cruel reality of trans women, and should be read by everyone everyone as a way of teaching about trans people and  raise awareness about the problems they have to go through day by day.


In this particular case, about Ximena, a trans woman from Chaco, an almost country state way up north in Argentina. Ximena, travels to Buenos Aires searching for a better life in the big city but as soon as she arives she realizes that things are not the way she thougth they would be. Starting from the moment people won't let trans women rent places to live, to the refuse of society of give the jobs that makes thans women turn to prostitution as a last resort, to the police brutality they have to suffer for that same reason. It's heartbreaking but so eyeopening.


This book broke my heart in a million pieces, but it's so worthy, if you, by any chance know spanish, give this book a chance.