Hard to Love

Hard to Love - Kendall Ryan .

*A New York Times and USA Today Bestseller* Oh, my... Is this what literature has turned into? I don't why I even bothered to finish it. It's completely unreal and, at the same time, so cliched. I mean, come on. A sweet little pretty girl who is virgin, falls for the attractive bad boy looking porn star who is, deep inside, a really good person? That's so, so old.

Besides of being very cliched, the story also happens too fast, she meets him one day and in less than a month they're both completely in love pining for each other. Everything happens so fast.

What also I didn't like about it was the part after their first time when she makes him a scene because he has a movie to make, claiming that she thought he would never do it again after being with her? come on! She knew what he was from the beginning and his reasons to do it, and she said she understood. Now suddenly getting angry because of that after just one night of sex? And THEN at the end telling him he should have asked her for the money? How is that even possible? It's obvious a person like the character of Cade wouldn't ask for money, lees of all to the girl he just met, he's falling for, and is completely out of his league.

I just say. The books was a completely waste of time. Maybe if the story was a little more slow paced I would have liked and believed a little more.