The perks of being a wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky


When I saw the trailer of the movie long time ago I was literally: “I have to read the book”. So, I got the e-book but never read it, I had had it in my computer for so long that I thought I would never read it. That was until I decided I wasn’t ready to take a test at uni and had the time to give the book a chance.

That I did, I started reading it, and before I realised it I finished it. It wasn’t THE best book I’ve ever read but it was pretty good. It is a pretty special book, the subjects that treats aren’t the easy ones to talk about but I think Chbosky made a good job without getting to deep. 

Anyway, like i said I liked it, how can you not like it when you have a main character like Charlie. He is one of the most innocent characters I’ve ever read. It just makes you want get inside the book and give him an endless hug.

Another thing I liked very much was the fact that througthout the book he autor gives names of books and songs that I love. 

To end this pretty quick, I really, really liked it, a good book, easy and fast to read. Read it, and if you have a similar taste in books, you gonna enjoy it too.