The Sorrows of Young Werther

The Sorrows of Young Werther - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Burton Pike

Classic, beautiful book that made me love it and hate it. Werther can look so arrogant when he talks and express about some people he met along the story, but we can’t help to like him and sympathize his sorrows when he falls in love with Lotte and realises that he could never be with her, she would never love him and she was engaged with Albert, a character that, even when he tries, he cannot hate. 


Even when his character is described as someone with nothing but kindness in her heart, I didn’t like Charlotte. I think she’s selfish because even knowing that Werther loves her and she not, she doesn’t do anything to avoid this infatuation, on contrary, every time he tries to forget her, she acted in an ambiguos way, giving him illusions that made him think he had a chance with her.


Another reason that made me love the book was that we can’t help to love our Werther and suffer with and for him. It is impossible not to feel identificated with the way he feels, his feelings are so intense and strong. Who hasn’t suffered for love like that? Who hasn’t felt a love so special, so strong for someone?


A Highly recommended book, even when the reading might seem slow and even dense in some parts, it made us see through our protagonist the beauty with which we see the world when we’re in love and the pains and sorrows we feel when we know is unrequited.