Oh, Argentina.

Finally, finally they brought to Argentina the book "The book thief". I looked literally in all bookstores for almost a year and they always told me they couldn't import it.


The terrible thing about the situation is that it is 200 Argentine pesos. (I'm so ashamed of my country and its policies, where only the top officials are free to enter and leave the country and use all the us dollars want without problems, while the rest of Argentines have to suffer the consequences of inflation. This Book should be at most 90 Argentine pesos, but because of the president and her decisions (and restrictions) on the economy the book now has an inflation of over 100%.


And I can't even buy it from internet because we cannot but anything passing u$s 25. I'm so ashamed of what we became, of what politicians are making of this country and of the peopple who are letting this happen. I'm so tired of this and I can't understad how can't people not realise this)