Catching fire

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins

I haven't been so engaged with a book series since the series " The cemetery of forgotten books." It's amazing how , despite being narrated in a simple way, the book "Catching Fire" catches you .


You start the book with great interest because you need to know what awaits to these young players after the games . And while reading , we find that the adversities didn't end in the sand, but are just beginning.


Threatened by President Snow , Katniss must return to pretend her relationship with Peeta, (who hasn't spoke to her since he got off the train after the games) not only to protect his family, but Peeta too.


Katniss's life does not improve, and this is proven when the day of collection she finds she must return to the arena with Peeta. That's how this time she goes back but with one goal: to keep Peeta alive and getting him back to the 12th district even if she doesn't survive. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen, Peeta end up alive but in the hands of the Capitol.


The revolution has begun, and Katniss forms a main role in it. Its survival depends Peeta. So it begins.


I can not wait to start reading the last installment and end of the story.