A tale from de Rode

Tale from de Rode - Abigail Roux

I looooove this. Soooo sweet. At the beginning I didn't know if Oliver and Moore were something more than friends, but then Max came along and everything made sense.


Max is a djinn, or a genie, and Oliver is his new master, but soon realizes that the Prince, his new master, is nothing like the others, that the only true wish he have is to set him free, because he fell for Max as hard Max fell for Oliver.


Obviously stubborn as he is, Oliver can make this happen, even if letting Max go means to have his heart broken. That part made me so sad, because we can see how much they loved each other and how they both are willing to sacrifice everything if it will make the other safe.


Luckily this have a happy ending not long after that because my heart couldn't bear so much sadness.