Taylor Donovan - Heatstroke

Heatstroke - Taylor V. Donovan

I think it's the first time I give 5 stars in a m/m romance. But this little novel was so, SO beautiful that it's the only rating I could give.


I loved every single chapter, how Michael decided he wouldn't stop until he knew about his family's "secret", not only for him, but later, for his father too.


I pinned and suffered along with Richard, and I cried a little too trying desperately to read faster and discover if he and his beloved Manny find some peace in the cruel world they had to live in. My heart broke a little while I read that, in order to try to keep Manny, the only one he's ever loved safe, Richard had to give up on him, and how that not unly hurt him, but Manny too.


Man I loved this. The story, how it starts with a young boy trying to tie up some loose ends about his family and discovers so much more than he hoped for. And the end!, man, the end, is just so perfect for the story and so well written.


If you didn't read it, go and do it, because you won't regret it.