Jaya Christopher - Cody and the hermit

Cody and the Hermit - Jaya Christopher

This one is short but good. I loved Cody, the nice guy everyone loves, and how after all the years of having a crush on Kenny, he finally has a chance to be with him (of course it happens after Cody is practically rejected by Kenny and decides to move on).


And of course I loved Kenny even more. Kenny the big, bad hermit that liked Cody all this time too but thought he wasn't enough for him and tried to keep Cody aways from him and his kinks.


Luckily for us, or me, it took a dose of jealousy to make Kenny man up and declare his love. And, surprise, surprise, the thing Kenny was afraid of, to want to be rough and play it hard with Cody, was something out lovely Cody wanted all along too.