Alice Walker - The color purple

The Color Purple - Alice Walker

I can't find the exact words in English to describe how beautiful I think this book was. Trying to avoid spoilers I will say: So crude and direct but so real and true. I couldn't help but to suffer with and for its characters.

It amazed me all the pain a person can bear not only physically but psychologically too, and, above all, how a person that had gone through all that can still love and forgive, even the ones who hurt her most. How persons can change, for bad and for good too, no matter how long it takes. How life is, most times, a journey of pain and hurt, but also of healing and forgiveness. Because that's what not only Celie went through in her life, but also Nettie, Mr._____, Shug Avery, Harpo and Sofia, etc.


The book is just too human, in every sense, it showed a reality in a determined period of time that, somehow still remains in this day, maybe not so obvious and not all of it, but some of it.


I found myself agreeing with the idea of religion and belief the author tries to show, among other things too.


I understand now that I've read it why it is in so many "Books to read" lists. I'm one of those persons who find incredibly hard to rate something with 5 stars, but this book deserves it.