Markus Zusak - The Book Thief

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

And there goes my heart. What a beautiful but sad book.


Despite being narrated by death itself it doesn't cease to amaze me the humanity in their words.


This kind of book always get to me to a special and profound level, because even if some are fiction, the stories they tell don't stop being true.


The burden one had to bear because someone decided you weren't good enough, that you weren't superior like them. How many children died without even knowing what was happening, why they had to live like that, why people considered them less than dirt.


It is a special book, the writing is so slow paced but not boring, the narration is catching, captivating and the chapters length are perfect, so much that when you realize you're at the middle if the book.


I loved Liesel and his innocence. The innocence of a child who despite everything kept going, kept hoping, kept loving. We see the war though the eyes of a child that can't understand what's happening and why.


I loved Hans and Rosa and their solidarity, their humanity, with hearts full of love, always willing to help and embrace everyone with the love only a parent at heart has. (even if sometimes Rosa seemed a little sullen, she was a good person)


I loved Rudy and his big, big heart, who was brave enough to approach a plane in flames just to give the pilot a teddy bear so he won't die alone.


And I loved Max, so strong, a fighter, a survivor, he kept fighting back and kept on living. Until the end.


I might be a little dreamer, but, in my mind, after he came back for Liesel they didn't separate anymore. I think he was the husband death spoke about.


Those two bent souls, that even with everything life put in their way they refused to break. Instead, they found strength in each other.


Is a beautiful book. I recommend it to everyone.