Cecelia Ahern - Where rainbows end/ Love, Rosie/ Rosie Dunne

Where Rainbows End - Cecelia Ahern

I tried to rated it higher but I couldn't. The story itself is interesting but God sometimes I had to stop reading because there's only so much frustration a person can take!


The amount of angst in the book was too much (and I am one of those persons who enjoys books likes that). But all the comings and goings, all the I love him/her but it's not the time became boring after a while.


The book could have ended 150 pages before and with a happy ending too if they only had talked. I feel that the end was overstretched and, therefore, that the book became boring and repetitive. I did enjoy it but not as much as I thought I would because of those reasons.


I really liked the relation between Rosie and Alex, that pure friendship and love formed by children and continued as teenagers and adults, I loved it. I wish they had swallowed their pride a lot sooner but well.


I actually read the book because I saw the trailer of the movie but I have the feeling that is going to be one of those movies that had nothing to do with the book, maybe the movie does shorten up the angst a little and it can balance the book.


That being said if you really dig chick flick books you would like this one, probably more than me.