Reading progress update: I've read 311 out of 445 pages.

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I need to stop a moment to update this because I can't take the frustration anymore.I like the book, I'm not gonna lie about it, but I won't deny how much it pisses me off.


I hate, HATE the sister, she's unbelievable unbearable, I understand the need of privacy and the fact that she wanted her space from her sister but the way she acts makes me so so mad. And the fact that Cath just takes it, God, martyr complex much? I just (ah! just, get it??) want her to stand up for herself at least once, I don't care if she screams and loses it. She really needs to speak and make known her complains and thoughts.

So far she has been mistreated over and over again by her own sister, had been used by her classmate and had been like 80% unhappy in a school her sister chose and she just followed. Then her mother trying to see her after ten year (and again, the sister meeting with her and complaining when Cath didn't want to see her).


But lets not only blame other, Cath is kind of guilty too, she lets people walk all over her. She complains about not having friends or people don't understanding her but doesn't try either, she even said how she avoid when classmates invited her to places, or parties. Even that poor girl in the bathroom that first day in school. I'm tired of books with the poor and misunderstood female protagonist, the one everyone abuse and is always a victim but also does nothing to change her situation until the love interest appears and makes her go out of her shell.


Luckily at least the Levi situation seems to be starting to work (and guess how? Yes! Talking!!! She spoke and told her about the night of the party and then how she felt about him AND THEN he talked and then they talked together. Crazy how troubles seems to dissapear when people TALK)


Anyway, back to reading, I think I'm calmed enough to keep with the book.